Porsche 918 Spyder

Pure. Energy.

Some stories are told in just 6 minutes and 57 seconds. For this story, that is only the beginning. It starts with a hybrid – but one that had to be distinctively Porsche. And with intelligent technology. Our challenge is to move forward with confidence and take a new direction.

What do we need to achieve this? 918 drivers. 918 pioneers. To provide the initial spark and to reignite the old sports car dream. The 918 Spyder represents an entirely new look at the supercar. It heralds the future of the sports car and you can be there at the start.

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918 Spyder in Detail

Record-breaking super sportscar offers the best of both worlds

In the 918 Spyder, Porsche is launching the future of the sportscar: As the first vehicle to boast road homologation, the model beat the record of seven minutes set for a lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, achieving a time of 6:57 minutes. What's more, the 918 Spyder can glide through the city without releasing any emissions, and virtually without a sound. To meet the driver's requirements, the 918 Spyder exhausts all possibilities offered by the combined drive of combustion engine and electric motor.

Hybrid drive enhances dynamic performance

The dynamic performance of the 918 is possible courtesy of the unique all-wheel drive concept with a combined combustion engine and electric motor drive system on the rear axle and a second electric motor on the front axle. This concept is based on Porsche's motorsport development work for the successful 911 GT3 R hybrid. The additional, individually controllable front-wheel drive enables new driving strategies to be used for extremely high yet safe speeds through bends in particular. What's more, the advanced Boost strategy provides an intelligent means of managing the energy of the electric drive. The strategy ensures that all it takes for the unrestricted total power of the 918 Spyder to be harnessed is by fully depressing the accelerator pedal, to have maximum acceleration at every burst of speed.

Perfect synthesis of form and function

The design of the 918 Spyder pays homage to legendary Porsche race cars. It is based firstly on the 917, which won overall victories for Porsche at Le Mans from 1970, and secondly on the successful RS Spyder, the endurance winner of the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) from 2005. A combination of typical race car proportions, clearly structured form and innovative details produced an aesthetic, balanced design with great dynamic performance. It embodies the synthesis of form and function of the very DNA of Porsche design.

Unique: Prominent scoops with top pipes

The engine compartment cover on the 918 Spyder is absolutely unmistakeable: In the prominent scoops that stretch down from the headrests to the rear, the two polished ends on the top pipes lead out into the open. Above the actual exhaust system is the stainless steel cover of the catalytic converter, which is fitted in a central position. By virtue of its extended openings, the cover guarantees the necessary exchange of heat can take place. The actual engine compartment cover is heavily perforated, making it extremely light. At the same time, this cover is reminiscent of the 918 Spyder's predecessor – the Carrera GT.

From comfortable to race-ready: Five modes for three motors

The centrepiece of the 918 Spyder concept is the distribution of propulsive power across three power units, all of which are integrated and controlled via an intelligent management system. To benefit as much as possible from the coverage offered by the different systems, Porsche developers have defined a total of five operating modes. Just like in motorsport, these modes are activated via a map switch in the steering wheel. Using the pre-selected mode, the 918 Spyder applies the most suitable operating and boost strategy, without the driver needing to do anything else.

Innovative black-panel technology in the cockpit

The driver is at the heart of all the technology in the Porsche super sportscar. With this in mind, the engineers have developed a cockpit that is typical of the brand and pioneering in its clarity. The cockpit concept is divided into two basic sections: The first section comprises the controls that are important for driving. These items are grouped around the multifunction steering wheel and combined with driver information displayed on three large round instruments. The second section comprises the infotainment block housed in the elevated centre console, which was originally introduced in the Carrera GT. Systems like climate control, wing adjustment, lighting and the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, along with the Burmester High-End sound system featuring eleven loudspeakers, can be operated intuitively via the multi-touch control functions on the innovative black panel display.

918 Spyder with Weissach Package

Porsche is offering drivers who want a more performance-oriented finish the “Weissach” package in the 918 Spyder. Modified super sportscars are also recognisable from the available special colours and designs inspired by legendary Porsche race cars.

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Porsche 918 Spyder What They're Saying

A ring lap in 420 or fewer seconds with no EPA guzzler tax sounds unrealistic, but stupendous feats are what Porsche’s 918 Spyder is all about. This is the super sports car with performance that no one dreamed possible.
- Car & Driver

The new Porsche feels tremendously well sorted for something so complex. It's not as intimidating as you might expect with so much power and such a complex drive system. Like all great supercars, it urges you to drive -- and drive hard.
- Autoweek

Most drivers could, after a while, get quite close to what this car can do near its limit. It really is that friendly to drive. There are other similar supercars on the horizon like the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari, but they will need to be very special to deliver a wider range of abilities than the 918.
- Edmunds.com

The 918 as a speed machine is utterly untouchable by the pantheon of cars that deign to confer with mere mortals. Very few cars in the sub-$1-million class can hang with the 918 Spyder, and none do it with the un-flustered ease of the halo Porsche.
- MotorAuthority.com

"What an incredible machine this is, it's not the fact that it does it, it's the ease at which it does it."
- Jay Leno

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